28 February 2016

Progress Being Made

OK!  Relic's Ear fur is going in, be sure to leave inner ear fur about 1/4 inch away from the edge of the ear to allow area to wrap over and glue the outer fur. It hides the seam really well, and gives the ears edge a rounded  look and feel. 

I am very excited to see Relic finally being assembled again for the last time. Everything that is done now is a final step. Make sure it's right before you glue! Not that you can't pull it back off again, but every time you do it will tear at the foam and leave remnants of glue, best to be sure that it is fitting correctly. Even after pinning and adjusting the seams prior to this there are still adjustments that are needed as you glue everything in place.

The fur for the back and side was placed on next, these were all pieces that were not needed to be shaved, they are the length that it came from the manufacturer. This fur is approx 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inch length. The rest of the pieces all have areas that will need to be shaved prior to gluing them on.

I am looking forward to debut Relic at Anthrocon next year (2017), the more I finalize on him the more anxious I am to go. As I have previously committed to other plans this year I will not be attending the end of June this year :( . This will also allow me time to decide to go Full suit or remain Partial, as of right now I am remaining a Partial, Head Paws, Tail. Being a Timber Wolf (Grey Wolf) I will be needing to have larger jeans/overalls and plaid loggers shirt and mock axe, to fit the Fursona.

Gosh!   I need a brush!

Brush Brush Brush!!!!