FAQ's about Relic & The Fandom

Why the suit? - Well, why not? My artist is a Furry, meaning he is a

member of a sub-culture of creators that all have a love of 

Anthropomorphic Characters. Taking Relic from paper to the 

computer, and on to a wearable work of art was something that in 

his eyes simply needed to be done to finish the work and be able to 

have fun with it. Many others in the Fandom also go through this 

process with their work, their characters as well.

How much has Relic cost to make? - Woof! As an estimate, I 

would have to say about $400-$700 or so for the actual materials. 

You need to use good material, if you get the cheap stuff... well... 

that is exactly what you get. Time is a huge investment and is what 

makes it so expensive. I will say, it is not the cheapest of hobbies 

to get into, but if you are crafty enough and have the time to do the 

work yourself you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Are there others around here that do this? - Yes! Relic is a member 

of a local group called the “Black River Furries” or if you prefer 

“BlackRifurs” who are based out of Watertown, NY and try to 

meet monthly to get into character and have fun, share ideas and 

techniques for construction and alterations, and discuss plans for 

attending conventions in other areas of the world. It is a small local 

group but our numbers are growing. The Furry Fandom is a global 

sub-culture and is represented by every demographic and walk of 


Do all Fursuiters make their own costumes? - There are many that 

do, but not all of them. There are many established artists that find 

they do not have the time and in some cases do not have the ability 

to sculpt their own suit and will commission a suit maker to make 

the suit for them, the costs for these suits can range from $1300.00 

to as high as nearly $6,000.00 !!! Although it is an art, not 

everyone has the many different talents required for the fabrication 

of these suits, the more complex the character is the more 

expensive the suit will be both in materials and time some 

requiring the work of several artists working together to produce 

the completed suit.

Do you need a Fursuit to be a Furry? - Absolutely NOT! Fursuiters 

are just a small part of the Fandom (roughly about 20 - 25%) that 

decide to take their art into the realm of cosplay. In general these 

artists seek to bring their characters to life much like those of 

Disney. Many Furries that do not have Fursuits choose instead to 

wear tails, and ears that attach to their regular street clothes, others 

choose not to wear any of the add on's at all, it is all about your 

own personal preference and how you want to show your 


Can you have more than one Fursuit? - Yes! More fluff = more 

fun! There are many Furries that maintain multiple characters and 

have Fursuits representing each one, there are several members of 

the BlackRifurs that have multiple suits. My artist has been 

working on another character for some time now that may well 

become a second suit for him at some point, but it is still a long 

way off.

Who are the people that are Furries? - There is no one set 

demographic or type of person that is more apt to be a Furry than 

any other person. Quite basically anyone with a love for 

Anthropomorphic art can be considered a Furry. Relic B. Furry 

personally is friends with a Lawyer in the UK, an established 

composer of Game Music in Ireland, and even Two commercial 

airline pilots, a Voice Actor & School Teacher in Texas, a graphics 

design artist in Germany (Tani DaReal) and a Cartoonist in 

Maryland that is a contributing artist to the TV series My Little 

Pony (Trish Forstner), that are all Furries and some of them are 

also Fursuiters! Many of Disney's animators/artists are most likely 

members of the Furry sub-culture. The Furry Fandom is a Global 

Sub-Culture and is represented by every demographic and walk of 


Do you have to be a certain age? - No, but if you are a minor to be 

able to go to the Conventions you must get your parents to go 

along. There are age limits at the Conventions for specific 

activities. Some require a Parent or Legal guardian to be with you 

at all times, others could be a drop-off / pick-up event... these all 

vary widely from Convention to Convention and you need to know 

before hand all the rules they have in place, it IS for your own 

safety regardless of your age. Anthrocon has attendees from the 

age of 5 years old right up through 80 and older!

What about the TV shows that portray Furries as bad? - TV and 

any media in general seeks to show the worst of everything, it is 

what sells and makes them the most money, its news. The way 

they portray any unknown is based solely on the gains they might 

attain from it and is never a fair nor balanced representation of the 

whole. The few times the media has placed the Furry community 

in the lime light it was focused solely on a fraction (1/10 of a 

percent) that would do bad, they never once have pointed out the 

good majority (99.9%) . Pittsburgh Anthrocon in 2017 raised over 

$37,500 for their charity which was Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary, 

and they choose a different charity to work for each year.

Where are Furry conventions held? - Nearly every major city in 

the world has at least one Furry convention every year. To name 

only a few:

* Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA): Atlanta, Ga.

* Furnal Equinox : Toronto, Canada (every year near the Spring Equinox)

* Midwest Fur Fest (MFF) : Chicago, Il

* EuroFurrence : Berlin, Germany

* Anthrocon (AC) : Pittsburgh, Pa. (the big one! 4 days at the end 

of every June, this one con brings people together from all over the 

world and is by far the largest gathering of Furries every year.

What takes place at Furry Conventions? - First and foremost a 

Furry convention is essentially an Artists convention, but there is 

that one single connection that all of those that attend have, the 

love of Anthropomorphic Art. Most artists produce artwork that 

they donate to the convention for an auction that raises money for 

the charity they are working for that year. Artists also set up booths 

in the Convention center (Dealers Den) to sell their work to 

anyone interested in buying from them. There are workshops that 

are aimed at very specific areas of art, for instance Fursuit 

Construction, animation techniques, or even tutorials on working 

with art related programs on the computer such as Photoshop or 

The Gimp. There are dance competitions, games and activities for 

all ages. There is also one major difference you will notice that is 

unique to the Furry conventions compared to other Fan based 

conventions... nearly all those that attend Furry conventions are 

creators of art (in one form or another including music and 

literature) themselves.

Does Relic take on commissions? - At thins point in time, no. 

Although this is something I am considering, it is not something I 

am committing to yet, But I would gladly help anyone needing 

guidance in making their own.

How long did it take to make Relic? - My character design & 

development (Started way back in 2001) has been ongoing ever 

since over 15 years, my suit itself has only taken a mere 12 months 

(so far) to bring into the public, although he is a wearable now, I 

will never say he is completely finished, always something to 

change or make better.

What are your plans for Relic in the future? - Aside from attending 

local meets and maybe a couple yearly conventions, I am working 

toward getting accredited by St. Jude and perhaps in time the 

Shriners to make visits to children's hospitals for the chance to 

brighten a day for someone who needs a laugh or smile in the 

worst way.  Having lost a very close friend to cancer when I was a 

teenager I feel a certain need to try to help in the only way I know 

how, by being a friend... which is what every furry wishes to be.