24 November 2016

Foot-Paws Re-Doux Fin

Finally finished my Remake of Relic's foot-paws. They are much more compact and easier to walk around in, thus safer as well.

The shorter fur on the toes will matches the length of the fur on the New Hand-Paws I finished last month. Soon I will start on yet another pair of each to have as spares.

23 November 2016

Background Work

Been playing  around on Gimp making different backgrounds for various uses.
I think Relic looks good with this one.

Character Artwork by Trish Forstner 2016
Background and Signature by Relic

19 November 2016

Commission In

Just received the commission work of Relic from Trish Forstner today... AWSOME!

 I added Relic's name to the work, don't want anyone to mistake who it is! *lol*
Thank you Trish for a wonderful rendition of Relic!

16 November 2016

And Now We Wait

Oops!  Finished the first one of Relic's new Foot-Paws which has turned out very nicely.

I was finished getting the fur cut, sewn, and glued on in just a few hours yesterday.  

Much lighter weight and since the toes are set back onto the foot better they are also much safer (and easier) to walk around in and more importantly, navigate stairs better. 

... BUT... as I began working on the second one gluing the fur into place on the first toe, I realized as I reached for a claw to slip into place, that I had NO MORE CLAWS!  Just placed an order with Dream Vision Creations for 10 more claws, this will give me 6 spares once all is said and done.  So for the next few days I will move on to something else, no sense going any further until I have the claws to put in place as I glue everything down. 

15 November 2016

The Right Tools

Damn! the time I could have saved over the past 10 months if I had simply spent the extra $40 on an actual set of Pet Clippers! I figured since I had a couple sets of regular hair trimmers I was good to go and they would get me through the shaving... well two sets of hair trimmers later I broke down and purchased  a  Wahl pet grooming trimmer set.

I am hapy to say that I am pleased with the results, they cut through the dense fur much better than the clippers designed for human hair... MUCH BETTER!

I went from the two inch pile of the raw white fur ...

...to a nice even 1/2 inch long pile in only MINUTES where it was taking me nearly an hour using the regular clippers!  Yet another lesson in choosing the right tool for the job at hand.

Lesson Learned. 

14 November 2016

Foot-Paws Re-Deux

I am liking these paws much better than what I had originally made and will more than likely retire the first ones once these are finished and more than likely start on a third pair as well so I always have spares to fall back on.
The toes being much closer to my own will make walking much easier especially navigating stairs. I also came to the realization that since the white section of the fur will actually be directly at my leg it will aide in the appearance of being an actual paw and not long like a persons foot (I don't know if that sounds correct to everyone else?) I guess more like digitgrade rather than plantigrade.

I will be needing to find some white fur that is not so long, I would like to get a bag of  Furs together that are consistent for the use as Foot-Paws will always be something that will need to be remade / repaired.  

11 November 2016

Looking Forward To Anthrocon

I am so excited about getting to Anthrocon 2017!  Relic has all ready pre-registered with the Convention and will soon be booking a room just outside of the downtown area to save more than half of the cost of a room near the Center. 
My Wife has said she is not interested in going, but I won't rule it out yet June is a long way off. I think she is having a hard time understanding why this interests me so much. I really can't explain it to her but in time if she is around it enough I think she may see that it is simply an artistic outlet and not so strange.  At this point I do have Dusk from the Black Rifurs riding with me on the trip down and back willing to split the cost of gas, so at least I will save some there as well.

To and from the hotel and Con is virtually just one street... a straight shot. 

Welcome Home! To Anthrocon! 

10 November 2016

A Late Post

I just occurred to me that I had failed to post back in August about my Trademark Registration. As of August 15th Relic's signature in several forms

is now a registered Trademark for all my copyright work!   

04 November 2016

Foot Paws Revisited

Although I was happy enough the way my first FootPaws turned out for Relic I have decided to make another pair that will be more of a "Sock" type and be mostly for indoor use or outdoor areas that are dry and relatively clean. 

I was lucky enough to find a 1/4 yard chunk of 3 inch Foam at my local Joann's for the sculpting. It has saved a lot of hot glue and I think the finished product will be much more rugged. This time I was aware of the fact that the Electric knife was the best tool for the bulk cutting, what a time saver. 

After only a few hours work with a good (sharp) pair of large shears I have nearly finished shaping the first of the Foot Paws.  The shape is looking very good so far but of course the real trick will be to get the second one to look equally good.

The two small lines left on the center toes are an indication of where my toes will actually be (nearly) when I have them on, these should be much easier to walk in without as much risk of trips. 

Shaping continues and soon I will be starting on the other one. Then of course I will have to work on getting the Fur cut and sewn for covering them, along with ordering some silicone pads for the bottoms.