26 September 2016

Someone Has Been On The Prowl

Finally finished and now we have come into some BEAUTIFUL weather for Fursuiting! I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity I get while we have this cooler but dry weather. 

Now how did his Axe get in there?

Let me out, let me out!

Is that a   YAMA-WOLF !?  It is Relic's preferred mode of transportation around the den.

 A double bit Axe ... It is this Timber-Wolf's tool of choice.

I'm outta here!

22 September 2016

Together At Last!


Although the camera timer was proving to be a bit difficult with the paws! ... We kept on it ...


The absolute first time in a complete fursuit. Hopefully many more opportunities in the future.

20 September 2016

Head And Suit

They meet up for the first time as a finished product!

Have not actually put them both on at the same time yet, still kinda waiting for my HeatGear to get here first... of course if I had a nice cool afternoon like we had a few days back I would. 

Still undecided on which neck piece I like better. The all white one or the one with black tips which matches the fur on the sides of his face and on his paws. Since they are held on with magnets it is a look that can easily be changed even with my paws on, so for now it will be a period of swapping back and forth I'm sure. Still need to get some teeth for him ... give him some "Bite" .  

18 September 2016

The Hair Of The Dog, er ... Wolf That Bit You!

Now that the suit is more or less completed I am turning my attention to some of the small stuff that needs to be straightened out. Been working on Relic's hair tufts today.
Progress is being made, although I think I may need to place bendable wire into these tufts to make them stay where I want them. 
These tufts are made from the grey fur that I made his body suit out of and by doing this I feel I am creating a look that draws less attention to the fact that there are two different grey's in use. In all actuality this is how it should look. 
I am still uncertain about the back of his head, I had plans of replacing some of the previous grey fur with a wedge of the new down the back, but now I am not sure that is the look I want. 

I think I will leave it well alone for now, it is always something I can change at a later time if I see the need. I was also thinking about shortening up his bottom jaw a little more than I all ready have, but this too I have decided to leave alone for now. I am so undecided that it is best if I just leave it alone before I do something I regret. I am however going to add a few more whiskers of different lengths soon, and straighten the one that is bent. ;)

13 September 2016

Endurance Test

I did a sort of endurance test last evening with the Fursuit. I was curious as to how long I could wear it before becoming too uncomfortably hot. I did not have the head or paws on but only the body suit. I did put on the UnderArmour HeatGear shirt I have and it most definitely makes a difference! The upper body although hot did not feel uncomfortable, however my legs we sweating badly by the time I got out of it. at 72 deg F it took about 1 - 1/2 hours to get to the point I needed to get out of it. If I had had HeatGear pants on I could have gone longer for sure.  They may be expensive but I see now that they will be a necessity moving forward. 

The End is In Sight

Mostly just small picky stuff left to take care of now. Some magnetic closures around the collar and some trimming / hemming of collar arms and legs. 

Also the seam up the middle of the back still needs to be sewn by machine, may still have to take it up a touch   to   fit, 
will decide that when the closures for the collar area are done. 

The selfie stick is new, never used one before and I really need to get used to holding the camera UP more and look down, ti would catch more detail I'm sure. 

07 September 2016

A Phrase

That I have been working on getting "Just Right"

I think I have it the way I want it now.  ;)

06 September 2016

The Fursuit Pursuit Continues

At a rapid pace.

Well maybe not too rapid, but progress is being made fairly quickly. All seams are now finished using the machine, but there is still a lot of fitting to be done around the shoulders and I still have to mark and cut out the area that I will replace with white fur.  At this point I figure I will be running a zipper along the left seam of the Grey/White rather than placing it through the center of the White, I figure there is all ready a seam there anyway, why create another? I will be adding inside belt loops that will allow for my tail to be fastened solidly without fear of it ripping the material this seems to be a fairly prevalent way of supporting the tail and it makes perfect sense.  There is still collar work to do but again, until I get the shoulders fitted better that is on hold, and of course the length of the arms and legs will be the very last alteration as any adjustments I make until then could possibly affect them, best to leave them alone till last. Of course there is also an unknown amount of time that will have to be spent combing the fur out of the seams to make them disappear.   

03 September 2016

Half Relic

That would be half of his fursuit! Sleeves are not sewn on yet but the half is basted and fitted. Now to remove the basting and transfer the fit to the other half. 

The sleeves are finished (except for length) the sewing machine had no issues navigating the faux fur but combing out the seams so they disappear takes a bit of time and patience. There will be plenty of that to do after all the machine work is finished. 

So far everything is fitting together nicely, there have been no whoopsies or mix-ups ... yet. 

I left the legs plenty long, I do NOT want to hem them now until I get the rest of the suit fitted mainly around the neck and shoulders. When all else is finished I will deal with the final length of sleeves and legs.   ONWARD! 

01 September 2016

Marked And Cut

It's amazing how quickly the material gets gobbled up when you are making a full body suit for someone that is 6' tall and a touch over 210 lbs! 

All the Grey pieces are now cut. I don't know why I always get so nerved up before making the first cut into a large piece of fabric, that is what I bought it for after all.

This is Relic's body suit in all it's individual pieces save for the white, which I will cut and add in after getting it all fitted and the bulk of the sewing finished. I can hardly wait to try it on.