27 June 2017

Down To The Wire

The last hours are ticking away toward the trip to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon!

The last of the packing will be completed as soon as I get home from Potsdam this afternoon and then I will try to get some rest before a very early wake up call in the morning at around 2 am. The majority of the ride down will have three of us in the car but in Kittanning, Pa we will be picking up two more which will pack the car for the last hour.  It's all good! Got room for the cases on the roof rack! We'll make it work but it's gonna be tight, lucky enough it's only for the last 55 minutes of the ride so... yeah. 

24 June 2017

Name Game

Been playing around with names of late and have stumbled onto a pairing that so far seems to work. I have had a Wolf Plushie on my shelf for many years that overlooked my Computer desk, never really giving it much thought as something I could use once I got Relic "off the ground". Sitting here at my computer a few days ago in total boredom I began to run through words associated with trees, Relic is a Timber Wolf who is a Lumber-Jack, Trees are his thing in that respect. 

TNT  stuck in my mind... that is to say... "Timber & Twig" !

Anyone who has followed any of my creation all ready knows that Relic is my Furry Character, and now as a "coined" nickname he is also known as "Timber" 

Now meet "Timbers" plushie  pal   "Twig" ! Twig will be accompanying Timber at functions where Relic's axe doesn't really "fit-in" because if it's realistic look. 

I have some more work to do on a combination badge to wear while this duo is together but the design is pretty well set i believe. 

21 June 2017

Wonderful Gift Art

From IceStar

I love to see other artists renditions of my character Relic and Paige pulled this one off nicely.  

Thank You for a wonderful rendition of the old Grey-Muzzle !

Countdown To Anthrocon

Relic's checklist continues to shrink as I get things ready for travel. Down to the last 10 items or so, which can't really be finished until I actually pack the car the night before leaving. Not that I try to hide the fact that I am a Furry (I never have), but it is going to be a real fun time to have Relic at a venue that is full of people that actually understand the Fandom without having to explain just exactly what the interest is. Much less to be in a City that totally Welcomes the diversity and plays into the entire event! WhoWooo Pittsburgh !🤣

10 June 2017

Essentials For Suiting

My own requirements aside, I had to turn my attention to Relic's travel / performance needs.  Over the time I have been putting him together I have been diligently thinking about future repairs as well.

Knowing all to well the the unexpected will nearly always show its ugly head at some point I knew I needed to plan for it. I have put together a fairly extensive repair / maintenance kit for Relic (or for any Fursuit really for that matter) to have on hand for when needed. Spare parts such as claws, and whiskers which can and often do fall out or become bent, broken or otherwise damaged. I have spare sets of eyes as well not that I have ever needed them but they are there. Color markers for quick fixes to damaged areas of paint if needed in a pinch, Hot melt glue gun, needles and thread are an absolute must have. Along with many other items there is essentially anything you would need to actually make a fursuit other than the materials. This all fits nicely in a small Tackle Box so takes up little room in the car, it is separate from Relic's suitcase so if others need use of it I do not have to disturb the Wolf while he is in his den (lol). 

We are ready for   Anthrocon 2017 !!!  

08 June 2017

Twists and Turns Galore!

I've joked around saying that this trip to Anthrocon has developed more twists and turns than the top radiator hose in my old '76 Monte Carlo... lol.  Seriously it seems to change every couple weeks, but now that we are down to only 20 days I think things are finally coming together in a set order. (Jinx)!  Most of the trip will see three of us in the car from Watertown, Ny. to Kittanning, Pa. about 1 hour north of Pittsburgh where we will be picking up two others before continuing to our hotel. We will have a packed car for the last hour as four of the five are Fursuiters, it'll work out ok but it will be tight. As I am driving the others may all have to hold their heads for that last hour, Dave who is not a Suiter may have to wrangle Relic for me at that point *G* not sure how much room will be left in the back for heads after all the other gear is in... going to be an interesting lesson in extreme packing I think. Have been on-line chatting to a number of MilFurs / Emerg. Service Furs that I will be meeting up with while at the convention... several of them seem like they are going to be a real riot to be around.  I am looking forward to getting this trip started but I also know all to well that our time there will pass all to quickly.