08 June 2017

Twists and Turns Galore!

I've joked around saying that this trip to Anthrocon has developed more twists and turns than the top radiator hose in my old '76 Monte Carlo... lol.  Seriously it seems to change every couple weeks, but now that we are down to only 20 days I think things are finally coming together in a set order. (Jinx)!  Most of the trip will see three of us in the car from Watertown, Ny. to Kittanning, Pa. about 1 hour north of Pittsburgh where we will be picking up two others before continuing to our hotel. We will have a packed car for the last hour as four of the five are Fursuiters, it'll work out ok but it will be tight. As I am driving the others may all have to hold their heads for that last hour, Dave who is not a Suiter may have to wrangle Relic for me at that point *G* not sure how much room will be left in the back for heads after all the other gear is in... going to be an interesting lesson in extreme packing I think. Have been on-line chatting to a number of MilFurs / Emerg. Service Furs that I will be meeting up with while at the convention... several of them seem like they are going to be a real riot to be around.  I am looking forward to getting this trip started but I also know all to well that our time there will pass all to quickly.