24 June 2017

Name Game

Been playing around with names of late and have stumbled onto a pairing that so far seems to work. I have had a Wolf Plushie on my shelf for many years that overlooked my Computer desk, never really giving it much thought as something I could use once I got Relic "off the ground". Sitting here at my computer a few days ago in total boredom I began to run through words associated with trees, Relic is a Timber Wolf who is a Lumber-Jack, Trees are his thing in that respect. 

TNT  stuck in my mind... that is to say... "Timber & Twig" !

Anyone who has followed any of my creation all ready knows that Relic is my Furry Character, and now as a "coined" nickname he is also known as "Timber" 

Now meet "Timbers" plushie  pal   "Twig" ! Twig will be accompanying Timber at functions where Relic's axe doesn't really "fit-in" because if it's realistic look. 

I have some more work to do on a combination badge to wear while this duo is together but the design is pretty well set i believe.