21 December 2016

All Brushed Up!

...Ready for a Christmas Party!

Even though I made a bushier tail a week or two ago I still find myself wanting an even larger one... I may have to see if I can find some more of this FauxFur somewhere I am getting rather low on larger sections and I must hold onto some for emergency repairs as well. I need to dig through my receipts and see if any of the Joann's have any of it in stock still. even another yard would be a good thing if I can find it!   
Lesson Learned... Don't cut yourself short on material when you decide to purchase it!  Buy as much as you can when you do otherwise you may not have another chance to get any more. In all honesty I figured I had purchased way more than I needed... should have added another couple yards I guess. 


Just finished sewing in a small pocket to the inside of Relic's fursuit just to the side at/below the waistline in the front (kind of at a regular front pocket location on jeans). I have been placing things like my real ID and cash in my socks up to this point because I don't trust them being in a holder on my lanyard as I will be moving to a breakaway type lanyard for safety reasons, I like this option much better.  

Moving into the warmer months would make it a sweaty mess to keep using my sock... (eeewww), at least this way it is all protected from sweat by my UnderArmour and is totally invisible to others. 

20 December 2016

13 December 2016

Looking For A Helper

This is a serious request and only those that know they have the time and funds to go should contact me. I will talk to all interested prior to making a decision. 
The best way to contact me is either leaving a comment here on my blog or by e-mail, I don't always have my phone near me and may not realize there is a text for some time.

09 December 2016

Officially Registered

It's Official now, Relic is registered for Anthrocon 2017! We are hopeful that he will be part of another world record breaking fursuit parade!

All my work to get Relic out of the woods to make the pilgrimage to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon 2017 and it  looks as if I will have to trade his Axe in for a Bat instead. Well in this case since I am a huge Cubs fan and they broke the curse this year, I think I will settle for a Cubs jersey for him to wear instead, a real "Wolf Cub" ;)

04 December 2016

I Love A Parade!

Relic was among the attendees from the Black Rifurs at Watertown's Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting Ceremony on the evening of December 2nd, 2016. 

It was a perfect night to be out in the fursuits, not too warm, not too cold, I only wish it had all lasted longer. Our appearance in the parade was well received and in the future I think things will be even better. We had a positive reaction from the community attending the parade, lots of hugs from the Kids and even a good number of Adults as well. We did not get the TV coverage that we had hoped for from WWNY TV 7 news but the Watertown Times photographer that was there Stephen Swofford was able to get us at least a little recognition in the Times on-line edition. Thank you Stephen. 

Other Suits To Follow

Tani “Schnolf” is a friend that I been following for a long time. She

lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband Richard “Nightfox” She 

actually has multiple fursuits that you can see here:

Another friend I have been following for a few years now is “Silver

Deni” Denise lives in Romania and actually began making her 

fursuit just a few weeks after I started fabrication of Relic. She is 

not working on her suit at as fast a rate as I have been with Relic 

and has said she will not post much up about the work until sh is 

satisfied with the direction it is taking. So you won't see much 

from her other than her awesome artwork. As far as I know she is 

only on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, or on twitter @SilverDeni

TychoAussie Is one that I have more recently started to follow. His 

suit is one of the cutest that I have seen and his poses for photos are

great! His page on Patreon has his other links as well. He is one of 

the few that has been captured on Google Street view outside his 

hotel by the Google car as it was mapping the city streets of 

Pittsburgh during Anthrocon in 2015 !