24 October 2016

Lines Are Drawn

Yeah, so... here we go again!  Started working on a new set of Foot Paws for Relic only these will be for indoor / good weather only use as these will be a more realistic paw like the new Hand Paws I made a couple weeks back with the bottoms using fur and silicone pads instead of the pigskin that is on the bottom of the other set.

The electric knife works wonderfully for carving out the large sections of foam to pare it down before starting the picky and more messy part of the sculpting. Guess I'll need to order yet another full set of claws from DeamVisionCreations to get everything finished. 

22 October 2016

Cooling Off

After suiting up at Thompson Park in Watertown a couple weeks ago I have renewed my quest for a permanent cooling fan for Relic. I have fabricated one I think will do the trick and it runs on a 9 volt battery. I was fine for a couple hours (nearly three) that Saturday, but I hope that this fan might extend the time or at least take care of some of the humidity under the head piece, either would help tremendously. If this works out the way I think it will I will post exactly how I made this system, until I know for sure I wont waste my steps.  "Although the work is finished, the tinkering will never end."

09 October 2016

A Day At Thompson Park

The BlackRivFurs met at Thompson Park yesterday 10/8/16 for a cookout. Although the weather was a bit rainy at the start it did let up and we were able to suit up. This was Relic's first time actually out in public and not at a private party, and was also his first time with other suiters. There was supposed to have been a 5th suiter but they could not make it for some reason, maybe the rain made them rethink? 

Xeno,  Dusk,  Relic,  Casey

Don't know who the little boy in the Blue plaid was, but it was yhis 5th birthday party that day and we totally made his day. the reactions were wonderful  (even from the adults that were there) everyone wanted opportunities for pictures with the Furries, it made their day and ours.

Relic was the first one they started to interact with, I think the fact that I was the only one in a "full fursuit" made it more real. Xeno seemed to "photobomb" all the shots. ;)

In all I was suited up for 2 - 2-1/2 hours before having to admit defeat from overheating, but it was worth all the sweating to realize we made this guys 5th birthday something extra special without any planning involved.

02 October 2016

Put Your Paws In The Air

Was up until nearly 1 am getting the fur sewn together for the second of Relic's toonie-style hand-paws last night.  I really wanted to get them finished over this weekend so I can take them to my first Furry / Fursuiting meet in Thompson Park on October 8th. 

I think they turned out better than I thought they would while I was gluing up the base for them. I know some people use 1 inch thick foam for the base, but I used 1/2 inch and feel it is plenty thick enough to get the look I was after.

I all ready have the pads cut, just have to heat up the hot melt glue gun to get them put in place. I need to get the suit on so I can try them on to make sure the sleeves come down to meet the cuffs or not, I may have to add a band of fur to the cuff to finish the length, but that is only a minor addition, I might actually do this anyway at least an inch I think it will be a more finished look against the short white palm fur rather than relying on the suit sleeve to complete the look.