02 October 2016

Put Your Paws In The Air

Was up until nearly 1 am getting the fur sewn together for the second of Relic's toonie-style hand-paws last night.  I really wanted to get them finished over this weekend so I can take them to my first Furry / Fursuiting meet in Thompson Park on October 8th. 

I think they turned out better than I thought they would while I was gluing up the base for them. I know some people use 1 inch thick foam for the base, but I used 1/2 inch and feel it is plenty thick enough to get the look I was after.

I all ready have the pads cut, just have to heat up the hot melt glue gun to get them put in place. I need to get the suit on so I can try them on to make sure the sleeves come down to meet the cuffs or not, I may have to add a band of fur to the cuff to finish the length, but that is only a minor addition, I might actually do this anyway at least an inch I think it will be a more finished look against the short white palm fur rather than relying on the suit sleeve to complete the look.