09 October 2016

A Day At Thompson Park

The BlackRivFurs met at Thompson Park yesterday 10/8/16 for a cookout. Although the weather was a bit rainy at the start it did let up and we were able to suit up. This was Relic's first time actually out in public and not at a private party, and was also his first time with other suiters. There was supposed to have been a 5th suiter but they could not make it for some reason, maybe the rain made them rethink? 

Xeno,  Dusk,  Relic,  Casey

Don't know who the little boy in the Blue plaid was, but it was yhis 5th birthday party that day and we totally made his day. the reactions were wonderful  (even from the adults that were there) everyone wanted opportunities for pictures with the Furries, it made their day and ours.

Relic was the first one they started to interact with, I think the fact that I was the only one in a "full fursuit" made it more real. Xeno seemed to "photobomb" all the shots. ;)

In all I was suited up for 2 - 2-1/2 hours before having to admit defeat from overheating, but it was worth all the sweating to realize we made this guys 5th birthday something extra special without any planning involved.