27 May 2016

Annual Memorial Day Tribute

This years tribute  Finished

Been Lagging Behind

Haven't been on blogger in a few weeks... other things were kinda getting out-of-hand so attention had to be directed elsewhere.  

"Life is what happens when you have other plans."

15 May 2016

One Minute of Ubuntu Eye Candy

My desktop customization is nearly finished.

music:  Wolves
by The Cat Empire

10 May 2016

Another Commission Finished

For a fellow Veteran and the remaining guys from his Seabee unit.

Anyone wanting a copy Without my watermark please contact me directly. 

02 May 2016

First Photograph of Relic In Near Complete Costume

The belt will be lost for favor of the red suspenders as soon as I figure out a different way to attach his tail without the belt. I am also going to put in another larger rip in his pants on the right thigh area. 

Since this was the first time doning the entire works, shortfalls were found. Mainly the fact that once my hand-paws are on I cannot manage to button up my shirt. I will sew buttons on at the button holes and the sew in velcro to make the actual closure to make dressing more "Paw Friendly".  I still need to get Relic's Claws ordered.

Not the best photo, the lighting was way off but I wanted a pic of Relic's collar Bling!

One more major piece of the setup will be a mock-up of Relic's double-bit axe which Paul W. will be making for me out of some Balsa wood.

01 May 2016

Getting Psyched Up

Planning for our trip to Chicago is pretty well finished. We have sorted out where we are going to visit, but have not set specific days for each. I am looking forward to seeing an old Navy Buddy and his Wife that I have not seen for nearly 30 years. The next 7 weeks can't go by fast enough right now. 

Rylea wants to see the Lincoln Park Zoo and since I never went there in the two years I was out there it is something we all can experience together for the first time. 

The Sky Deck at the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) is a must do.

Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium are a go!

As is the Museum of Science & Industry. 

And an afternoon trip out to see PR in Belvidere, to enjoy the evening with He and his Wife that I haven't seen in about 28 years.

Its kind of ironic we are staying in Schaumburg while we are there which is the same suburb that Pat & Kathy lived in when I last saw them. I is about half way between downtown and where they live now. The choice was made to stay there for cost reasons. Although it would have been nice to be Downtown, the cost per night is not doable. 

By staying about an hour outside the city we save nearly $200 per night, and we don't need to be in rush hour traffic we just wait 'til that is over before starting our day.