02 May 2016

First Photograph of Relic In Near Complete Costume

The belt will be lost for favor of the red suspenders as soon as I figure out a different way to attach his tail without the belt. I am also going to put in another larger rip in his pants on the right thigh area. 

Since this was the first time doning the entire works, shortfalls were found. Mainly the fact that once my hand-paws are on I cannot manage to button up my shirt. I will sew buttons on at the button holes and the sew in velcro to make the actual closure to make dressing more "Paw Friendly".  I still need to get Relic's Claws ordered.

Not the best photo, the lighting was way off but I wanted a pic of Relic's collar Bling!

One more major piece of the setup will be a mock-up of Relic's double-bit axe which Paul W. will be making for me out of some Balsa wood.