13 July 2018

CanFURence 2018

CanFURence Cabaret 2018 Is now only 3 weeks away! I am excited to be staying at the Hotel this year and not commuting to and from each day there will be much more free time for this old Grey Wolf to prowl around!

I actually stopped by The Brookstreet back in February or April (it was one of those trips up to Ottawa) to get a peak at the Con's new home and it is a beauty! I am pleased I upgraded our room from the Double Queen to a Jr. Suite, I know it will make our stay with 4 fursuiters a bit more comfortable. 🐺 

If you haven't registered and plan to go you better do so at CanFURence Registration because the deadline is getting close and room availability is dwindling. (Please note that you must register for the convention before you are able to book your room at our discounted price).

09 May 2018

That Time of Year Again

Working on replacing my Bumper Stickers for the Summer. 

07 May 2018

Details To Finish

Finally turning my attention to some "Safety" details, one in particular was adding a quick release to Relic's collar. I was finally able to secure a heavy duty snap and still retain a reasonable look of the buckle still being used.  Still isn't exactly what I wanted but it will work and is much cheaper and less work than the alternative, which was to replace the buckle all together with a Firefighters Buckle which runs about $30 and then to have to deal with drilling out the rivets and replacing them with the new buckle. I think this was the right choice for now and finished in time for CanFURence in August.

06 May 2018

Louisville NY Fund Raiser

Wow! Kinda forgot about my own blog for a while... too busy with getting ready for our next event coming up in only Two Weeks! 
I have been busy behind the scenes (doing what administrators do) coordinating our involvement with the event, printing out literature, burning DVD's, and also recruiting my fellow Furries to the cause some of whom are good friends from the Ottawa area, among them Arc Husky who is Co-Chair of CanFURence.  This is looking like it will be a good show of Fursuiters for this particular area of NY.  It will most certainly be more Fursuiters than anyone in this area has seen gathered in one spot before and for many it will most likely be the first ever experience face to muzzle with us!  Our group is ready to place their best foot ... err... Paw forward to support the memorial & help raise donations for the cause.  

03 March 2018

The Torture Chamber

I have, after two years, finally talked myself into putting Relic into the washing machine instead of bathing him by hand in the bathtub. 

I was very much still concerned that the machine would literally chew him up, but after the cycle was done I went over all the seams closely and found that he had weathered the washing with no issues. 

After turning him back right side out I placed him on the rack to dry as usual. I do not recommend hanging a fursuit on a hanger to dry. The weight of the water that still needs to be taken care of can really be murder on the seams, especially those that are hand sewn. On top of that fur has a tendency to stretch a certain amount as well, you could find your suit a touch longer than was, so honestly if you have a rack of some sort (we have a large heavy wire frame dog kennel that works great) use it to lay it out flat to dry.

I have heard others say that you should brush several times as the suit dries, I wait until it is dry and tend to the brushing then and have never seen any difference between doing it either way.

Once dry and brushed out he's ready for a spray of suit deodorant and to get rolled up and put into the case for storage until the next event.

As for a rack to dry it on, if you are not as lucky as I to have the large kennel, I also have made myself a drying rack that I can place over my bathtub for the purpose of drying. Available at any Lowes or HomeDepot you can get two sections of wire shelving and have them cut to length to fit over the length of your tub. 

27 February 2018

Remake On The Move

Progress is being made at a slow pace. In an attempt to avert any mistakes due to my push to finish things I have throttled back my normal pace and things have been much better for it as my finished Foot-Paws can attest.  

Finally getting the inside carved out and fitted and have built up the courage to cut out the eyes and separate the jaw. 

Suspension system is now in place and is adjustable with elastic holding things snug. Keeping straps removable for purposes of replacement and cleaning when needed.

Blanks are made from perforated plastic sheets made by Darice available at most craft stores. I purchased mine at Joann Fabrics.  I prefer this over the foamies as a blank because it is just a bit more rigid allows for more visibility and more airflow. 

Most people use a 1-3/4 inch hole but I prefer the 2 inch, a more wide-eyed look I suppose. I purchased a 2 inch punch from the craft store to do this and it gives a very even & clean cut.

Preparing the buckram ahead of time with the proper color spray-paint is a good idea so it is dry when you need it. I tend to keep an ample supply all ready pre-painted on hand for repairs when needed.

Cutting out circles so that they over-lap the back of the holes in the blanks by 1/8th of an inch for gluing. 

Blackening the pupil is a matter of using a black sharpie and in my case a Quarter to trace around. Always keep in mind that the Black part of the buckram is always easier to see through than the colored part so a larger pupil is not a bad thing.  This especially holds true in lighting situations like street lights and work lights which are very bright and relatively low shining at you. 

Eyelids add a bit of detail that softens the look a little.  These are nothing more than a semi-circular wedge of Foamie cut in a larger arc than what the eye opening is so that when glued in place the leading edge is out over the white eye blank.

Many people choose to glue the lids onto the eye blank itself but I choose to glue them to the base. I like to be able to pop the eyes in and out quickly if I need to replace one for any reason. 

19 February 2018

An Evening with the Ottawa Furries

Had a great time at the Merivale Bowling Centre in Napean with my Furry Friends in Canada.

photo by Laura Smith

It was not the style of bowling I was used to, but was super fun none the less and I actually did well enough on the second game hitting a 138! 

photo & video by Eponiaswill

Hanging out for an evening with new friends was a great mental boost. 

03 February 2018

Fur Bowling

The BlcakRifurs had a great time at the Seaway Lanes last weekend.  It was the first time I had ever bowled while in my fursuit and I actually did better with it on than I did after I took it off !

I wish foot paws were compatible with bowling, those bowling shoes do as fursuit absolutely no justice. :P

It was also the first time that I was able to try out the Bowling Paw that I had made last year and it worked very well. It certainly added to the visual effect of Relic actually picking up the ball with his paw.   I am now ready for Bowling in Napean on the 17th for Glow Bowling! 

Photo Credits for this post go to

Linda Morrison

Thank You Linda 

23 January 2018

DAKboard Update

There are some really neat features available to use with the DAKboard service. I now have connected my Google Photos account to allow DAKboard to make use of my own photos for the background images. You can use other on-line photo accounts as well but since my phone uploads photos directly to Google it makes perfect sense. 

I now have a true Furry calendar. :P

21 January 2018

My Pi Wall Clock / Calendar / Weather / Photo Frame

I just finished setting up one of my Pi-2’s that was sitting unused as a Smart Wall Display that utilizes DAKboard to turn your Pi into a Wall Clock/Weatherstation/Event Calendar/ Photo Frame.

I made use of a small 7” LCD monitor connected to my Pi but you can choose to use most any monitor you would like as long as it uses HDMI.

I still need to tidy up the wires but it is all together and in place where I want it.

Any calendar event I add on my phone now shows up on my wall display as well.

Some requirements to make this function;

A Raspberry Pi (of course) and your choice of HDMI monitor, SD card for OS (8GB or larger is recommended)
Peripherals for use with the Pi, ie. Wireless dongle or Ethernet cable if you choose to hardwire to the router, usb wired or wireless keyboard and mouse (mainly just for setup purposes). HDMI cable (length depending on your placement of the Pi in relation to the monitor).

Raspian OS  installed on the SD card for your Pi

I followed the tutorial here https://dakboard.com/blog/diy-wall-display/  for the most part. There are some options they would have you do that I did not do for my aplication.  You must create an account with DAKboard don’t worry it’s free (although some really neat features are only available with the Premium account). Once you have created an account with DAKboard you can set it up to use what ever calendar service you make use of and also set up the weather service you would like to use for your area, and set up access to your online photo accounts such as flickr or google photos. Once your setup is complete under the “account” tab you can find a private link to your DAKboard which is used during the browser setup on the Pi (bookmark).

The points I used from the tutorial are :

1- sudo apt-get install unclutter (this will remove the mouse cursor from the display after a few seconds of inactivity)
2- sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install -y rpi-chromium-mods
(these steps ensure all software is up to date and what you need is installed).

I tried the next step from terminal but for some reason it would not recognize the file so I simply navigated to the proper folder using the file browser and chose to edit using the text editor. 
First open the File Browser then from the menu choose “Show Hidden Files” then navigate to .config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart   and open with text editor.  Replace the existing text with the following :

@xset s off
@xset -dpms
@xset s noblank
@chromium-browser --noerrdialogs --incognito --kiosk

I opted to leave out the  “--incognito” string as I found it quirky when accessing the “https” address that the site offers, you may have better luck with that, but it seemed buggy to me.

The highlighted line above is the one from your DAKboard account page on their website that I mentioned above.

Once the file is saved reboot and the Pi will start with your DAKboard displayed in full screen.