16 November 2017

My Home Convention

I live in the middle of no where between nothing and even less... so I was pleased to find that there is a Furry Convention so close to me at only about an hours drive! Even better news is that it is moving even closer and is growing! 
For the first two years of its existence CanFURence, Canada's Capital Furry Convention, has made its home at the Alt Hotel on Slater Street in downtown Ottawa. 2017 it's second year, has seen the convention outgrow that venue, and next years CanFURence will see the convention take up new residence in the Brookstreet Hotel (link)
some 24 km to the west in Kanata. While still considered part of Ottawa, Kanata or Ottawa West, offers a more relaxed venue with much more room, better parking, and a more varied array of amenities. 

Although the On-The-Street interaction with the public may not be the same as downtown, the area has the appeal of no city driving or intense traffic, and the increased space will provide the ability to offer a wider range of activities to the convention attendees. With the increasing numbers of fursuiters safety in the downtown traffic has to be a concern and I feel that even with the decrease in public interaction the decision to move from the downtown area is a good one albeit a difficult one.
I wish the CanFURence Staff the best of luck at the new venue and continued growth, asking all Furries to take a look at a new and upcoming convention in Ottawa, and come support their cause if at all possible and have a wonderful Furry adventure! 

14 November 2017

A Closer Convention!

CanFURence 2017 was a BLAST !!!  And form my point of view is now my "local" Furry Convention as it is only about a 50 minute drive from my front door. 

My new Canadian friends were a lot of fun to be around and more than welcoming to this old Sea Wolf GreyMuzzle.

The Fur Walk led by R.K.Niner was a blast and even though the wind chill was frigid that day we all had a great time with several group photo ops, the one in front of Parliament was certainly a special one.

I will most certainly be a regular for CanFURence in the future. This was only the second year for the convention which began at the ALT hotel in downtown Ottawa. Next year it is scheduled for the Brookstreet Hotel, in Kanata... which is about another 6 miles closer to me and with the added benefit that I can get there with NO city driving at all!  YAY! 

07 November 2017

Sandals Completed Now Nearing The Finish

The finish line is still a couple weeks away but the last week has seen rapid progress.  As I am in a holding pattern for finishing the outer soles I have pressed forward and completed the Sandals that will protect them when walking around outside or in less than favorable conditions. 

The nylon strap and buckles are a no brainer but the hardware to fasten the straps to the gym mat took some deliberation at the hardware store. 
I finally came up with the ideas of using T-Nuts after seeing someone that had used rivets... which of course work OK but not easily replaceable or removable, large fender washers worked well over the Nylon strap. 
As I am attending CanFURence this weekend in Otterwa, I will delve through the dealers den to see if I can acquire a set of the silicone paw pads... I think that is the way I will opt to go over using Pig Skin. 

05 November 2017

Progress Made

I am really quite proud of my self control during the construction of these Foot-Paws and not racing through the process which is unfortunately what I usually do. The careful thought given is proving to produce a much nicer finished product which is now at a point where the end is in sight even though it will be several weeks yet before they are finished.  Some features I have incorporated into these are unique to the use of the inner boots which are the liners from my old "Down-Hill" ski boots. This allowed me to create a "rear entry" paw which is much easier to get on and off without tugging and pulling on any of the fabric or foam. Elastic on the front of the Jean upper which holds the zipper keeps everything fitted snugly on my legs and feet without being too tight. Nylon and elastic straps over and snapped to the inner boot carry the weight of the soles and rest of the paw directly to the inner boot and not just hanging from the foam. saving for a small amount of hot glue around the inner sole that holds the fur in place there, it is more or less removable to be cleaned. I am still planning on the interchangeable outer soles and have purchased the appropriate 
Neodymium Magnets needed for the endeavor.  These are "Natural" magnets are much stronger than any of the ceramic magnets that are cheaper and available anywhere.  In most areas you would need to order these on-line, although there are a few hardware stores or hobby shops out there that might have some in stock... they are certainly not the most common of magnets to be found on the shelf. 

My newest addition to shop equipment has all ready seen much thankful use.  After two years of gathering sewing projects up and transporting them back and forth to my Mom-in-laws place to use her sewing machine, I have finally purchased one of my own for my shop. Why didn't I do this months ago? It saves so much time and it's always set up with the heavier upholstery thread that I use for my Fursuit endeavors. It's first use was to sew Relic's VFW Life Member patch onto his vest.

28 October 2017

Triple Soles

Still aiming at interchangeable outer soles for my final build of Relic's foot-paws. If for any reason it becomes evident that it will not work as I intend, the construction is still such that I can simply attach a regular sole and move on. 

I finally have the straps affixed to the inner shoes that will carry the weight of the sole instead of having it fastened directly to the foam alone. I used some heavy duty snaps and 1-inch elastic to connect the inner sole to the inner shoes... I had to use small machine screws and lock nuts to fasten the snaps to the shoes as they were too thick for the post on the snap itself. just have to trim off the excess screw length inside the shoe before wearing them, no big deal. I have been able to keep the construction together in a way that most everything is removable / replacable. The inner shoe can be removed easily, even the inner sole will be removable with minor glue cutting around the bottom edge of the fur once it is on, and of course with a small fortune of Neodymium magnets embedded in the two parts of the soles the outer soles will also be removable / interchangeable. 

So at this point they are structurally complete and ready for patterning for the fur. I have to find a proper mid-sole material to attach to the bottom of the inner sole then I can fur them and work on creating the outer soles which one set will have fur and pads strictly for indoor use and the other set will be a flat nonslip sole for use indoor or outdoor.

20 October 2017

Partial Sleeves Alterations Finished

Well, since I was up at 3:10 this morning I was able to get the second Partial Sleeve finished. I had decided to add the light Tan in the way I had originally had Relic designed (although it was white at that point). 

I altered the sleeves first to make sure they line up or are symmetrical in placement, I would rather deal with extra sewing on just the sleeves rather than a full suit.  Now that I have the look that I was hoping for I can move on to the alteration on the suit... but that will have to wait 'til after CanFURence. 

Now that these are done and are confirmed correct, I can use these as a guide for altering the suit when the time comes. 

19 October 2017

Relic's Vest

Now has his name on it.  Finally broke out the magnifiers and shears and cut out the embroidered letters and got them sewn onto the back.  

I like the looks of the Blue Glitter Vinyl but in all reality I am still going to get another set or two made in full embroidery, for now this will work. Strangely, the glitter shows up far better in artificial lighting than it does in actual sunlight... 

14 October 2017


It took most of the Summer to get my embroidery finished.

Now that it is ready and all of the letters have been cut out I have finally pinned them in place on my vest. 

I am still uncertain if I will sew them on using the machine or by hand... they would be easier to remove later if I hand sew them, but at $35 I figure I can have more made if I need them. I will probably use the machine. 

Relic is registered to attend CanFURence in November and I am pleased that my vest will be finished for that. 

01 October 2017

Out With Some White

And In With Some Tan!
Nearly two hours after starting my seam ripping I have finally managed to get the area of White fur I am replacing out of the suit.  

The fine stitches of the machine are much harder to get out than my hand sewn stitches. 

I suppose there is no turning back now, although I will save the piece I cut out and could actually place it back in if I really feel it necessary to do so. 

Now that the new Tan color is pinned into place I need to get my time lined up to get to the sewing machine to get it sewn in permanently.

I can hardly wait to be able to turn it right side out to see the finished upgrade and get the seams combed out.

28 September 2017

Still Furry But A Swing From The Usual

For the most part my posts are generally centered around the progression of my fursuit. I am going to sway from that, although you could still consider this to be about a fursuit (of a sort). 

 I guess you could consider me a furry "Lifestyler" and I am perfectly OK with that.  I have no problems admitting who or what I am. I am proud to be a furry! 
As far as the Vibe goes it started with the tail... and now I am working on the Interior "fursuit".
The dash was finished in June and now that I have picked up more of my "Snep" fur, I will be moving on to the doors and seats... although the seats will get a solid Black rather than the spots.