30 August 2017

Dual Use Foot-Paws

After finding the perfect base for Relic’s next set of foot-paws I am now getting close to making the patterns for the fur.
They started off with me dismantling my old ski boots as I fit them into the trash.  As I pulled the liners from the boots I suddenly realized that they would be the perfect base for my New set of foot-paws, they have my arch support and are fitted to my feet.

They have a rear entry design so adding a zipper for closure is a snap!  

I wanted to make this pair have more pronounced features so decided on much thicker foam to start with doubling up Three inch foam for a good 6 inches to start with. 

Sculpting moved along with few issues, I have gotten rather adept at the process.

The sculpting nearly finished I am starting to turn my attention to the soles and also Patterning for the fur.  I am going to have inter-changeable soles (one set indoor one outdoor). I will need to decide on the method of applying the soles as needed but will likely use either Magnets or Velcro, or a combination of the two. 

I will also be sewing the fur covering so it will be removable for cleaning and will likely have a base covering of plain white cotton material like a bed sheet covering the entire foot. This will all be determined on the fly as I work on them but is the way I am leaning. 

So as they are now I need to start working on the “Sole-searching” to get them figured out.

26 August 2017

Relic's New Paws

Not that they will be much longer than the ones he has now but the toes are going to be much taller and a little wider so they will be more pronounced.  
Still much sculpting to do but working with 6 inches of foam allows for a much more pronounced toe... unlike the 3 inch that are on the current foot-paws.

25 August 2017

Sculpting Is Next

The bases for my new foot-paws are nearly finished so I am turning my attention to getting ready to start sculpting the foam into the shape of Relic's paws. I will opt this time for a more toony look but will strive to keep then as compact as possible. I simply don't care for large feet that force you to waddle like a duck.

24 August 2017

First Of The Two Bindings Done

This actually went along quite easily... this almost looks like I know what I am doing!  lol

I spent more on the Zipper than I normally would have but I wanted to make sure it was a good quality zipper and not some cheap piece of plastic... 

Of course they don't stock the length zipper I needed... so had to buy one 4 inches longer than needed... oh well. It works and keeps the fit snug! 

Now on to the second one!

Bindings Of A New Sort

I have the first of the two bindings finished to the point of installing the zipper. 

I will have to trim material as I fit the zipper to ensure the binding will tighten the liner to my leg.  Once the zipper is sewn in I will permanently affix the binding to the liner.  So far, So good! 

The Perfect Base

I think I have stumbled upon the perfect base to use as Relic's next pair of Foot-Paws!  

I was picking apart my old Ski Boots the other day (the plastic had all become brittle and was breaking off easily) to reduce them to fit in the trash, and as I pulled out the first of the two liners I realized that they were actually "rear entry" liners and I immediately thought to myself that they would make great Foot-Paws!

I am pleased that I have found a way to extend the use of at least part of my old ski boots as they were so expensive to begin with. REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE!

After freeing the liner from the second one and standing them together I was convinced that I was going to make use of them for exactly that! 

The design of the liners obviously gives an easy way of putting the Paws on and taking them off. I will create an upper section from a heavy material like that of jeans to encircle the uppers that will have a heavy duty zipper for a closure up the back. By using a heavy material on the uppers I can avoid having to deal with a zipper in the fur and just use Velcro or magnets to hold the fur in place once they are zipped up. Any way to avoid wear and tear on fur is a huge plus as far as repairs are concerned.  

07 August 2017

Sporting The New Vest

Relic was able to sport his new leather vest with his Navy Medals at Thompson Park last May and I am finally catching up on the photos after returning from Anthrocon. 

I think the use of a vest is a good way to display my medals and it works equally well in suit or regular street clothes... its a win-win!  

Only one fault wearing the vest covers up Relic's Anchor... so he doesn't wear it all the time.

Many thanks again to Linda Morrison for the awesome pictures. I would never get the photo's I like if you didn't have the eye for them!