30 July 2016

Private Party Showing

Relic is all packed and ready to go! He will be making an appearance at a private party this afternoon, lots of photo opportunities. He can hardly wait to see the reactions of the guests when he makes his appearance. ;)

09 July 2016

Love My Bacon


 ... But who ta hell put that PEANUT BUTTER in that SAMMICH with it!

06 July 2016

One Step

Something I was kicking around in my head for the last few days. Finally got it down in words. 

03 July 2016

Great Time In Chicago

It was great to introduce Relic to my old friends in Union, Il. I should have gotten into character, but as it turned out Peyton (the Dachshund) seemed to think Relic was a furry toy. Just didn't want to risk being chewed up. ;P lol

It is only about a 12 1/2 hour trip, will have to go again sometime and center the trip more around my friends rather than going into the city to see the sights.  Hopefully they can make a trip to the Seaway / Adirondack Region in the next few years as well.