29 May 2017

Another 30 Days!

I am sooo hyped about my trip to 

Anthrocon in June and now that I have

the schedule in front of me I am 

beginning to realize that there is just not 

enough time in 4 days to see it all and it

kinda bums me out. I think the biggest 

"bum factor" is that I know even though I

want to be in suit as much as possible, 

there is just no way to last the entire 4 

days that way. At best I figure a few 

hours each day in suit... and in reality I 

kinda figure even that is probably 

pushing it. Totally looking forward to 

meeting some friends I have met on-line 

and lots of new friends while in 

Pittsburgh and all of them are as into the 

fandom as I am... no need for second 

guessing others reactions to being a 

Furry at Anthrocon, its a given! and from 

what I understand so far, even the city of 

Pittsburgh plays into the whole Furry 

theme for the convention as well... so... 

it's gonna be a great time no matter how 

much I get to do, after all this IS one of 

the main reasons I created Relic!

25 May 2017

Trouble On The Relic B. Account

Well, actually I kinda figured it would happen sooner or later... The facebook account for Relic B. Furry has been disabled for being in breach of their terms... Not a REAL PERSON.  Even though I appealed the take-down it was a no win situation, seems even Kellogg's could not have an account for Tony-the-tiger either.  I sent them my ID and paperwork showing my ownership of Trademark for Relic B. Furry but it seems that Trademark ownership has no bearing in situations such as this. It was a disappointing few days but I have moved on and have resurrected the page for Relic that is on my Real life account... the whole idea was to keep Relic separate from my real life but... oh well, it is what it is.  ONWARD AND UPWARD!  

Join in with Relic Here on his Facebook Page.

11 May 2017

The Vest

After a great deal of time spent trying to figure out how to display my Navy Badges/Patches and Medals on Relic I have settled on a black leather vest.
It is a Mosaic made of floor drops and I like the fact that it is something a little different from the normal leather vest. I also ordered my Desert Storm patch that I had never gotten ordered before... so now when it all gets here I need to get all of them sewn on and get it ready for use.

24 April 2017

Photo / Video Ops

Sunday April 23, 2017 I was able to put together (with the help of a good friend Barry V.) a morning at Waddington Town Beach and his Harley Davidson SuperGlide for Relic to get some really great pics! 

I was in Partial suit for the first half and put the full suit on for the last part of the shoot.

Needed to show off the Anchor so had Barry be sure to get a good shot from the back.

The weather couldn't have been any better for the project and it was an interesting endeavor to be back on a motorcycle after 32 years. 

17 April 2017


Well, I made up the Sleeves... so I figured I might as well make the leggin's as well to have all the options to use Relic as a Partial suit as well as the Full suit. So taking all the needed measurements, I cut out the pieces and got to work with needle and thread. 

I had to add straps, front and back to the tops of the leggin's so my suspenders would reach them to hold them up. 

Once everything is in place all parts are held in place without any issues. Now I have endless possibilities of using Relic as a Partial, or as the Full suit. 

There is now not really much room left in the case for much else with both the Full and Partial suit pieces. Couldn't have planned on a better sized case for it all.

15 April 2017

Some Sleeves

For partial use

I decided since I have nearly 2 Yards of Grey fur left that I might as well sew up some sleeves so I can make use of Relic as a partial suit as well as a full.

I made them tight enough around the Biceps that they seem to stay in place without much of a problem but not too sure if wearing the UnderArmour will negate that, I may have to add elastic straps to go across behind the neck to hold them in place.

I guess the next time I get into the UnderArmour I will have to try them on again to see.

14 April 2017

Pinned Not Sewn

Still not 100% certain

That I want this to be a permanent marking... soooo, I pinned it in place using safety pins on Relic's back to see if it would blend into the fur well enough to hide the fact that it is a separate piece and I think this will work for now.

I wanted to commemorate my Navy Service in some way with Relic and the anchor made as much sense as anything.  At some point I would like to add the acknowledgment of being a member of the VFW, but at this point I am not quite sure how to do that. The VFW logo is far to complex to do anything like this.

12 April 2017

Another Unique Marking

I continue to add more items of interest to Relic in both terms of visual and historical importance. A wile back I had thought of the idea of creating a “tatoo” for Relic’s back to commemorate my time in the NAVY, but until now had never gotten a start on it, there were too many other things that needed my attention to be able to take him to the public scene. More recently in order to honor a small bit of my Native American heritage I adopted the Mohawk name Ata'kenhr√≥hkwa  which is the Mohawk word for Grey, for some reason it just seemed to fit. 

Of course I had to decide on the style of anchor to work from and   Navy tradition in thought it didn’t take long to settle on the proper look. Then of course the issue of how large to make it became an issue that took me even longer to work out, but once the decision was made I charged ahead once all the other tweaks I had been working on were finished. With template in hand the work began. 

A Critical Note Of Concern: Be sure you pay attention to the direction the fur lays in! A little attention here can save a remake!

As with any other cuts made in Faux Fur a good sharp razor cutting from the back is the best way, only cut through the material don’t try to cut the strands of fur as well… that does not look good when that happens, its why you don’t use shears!

The accuracy of your cuts should be as close as possible to the lines but really  the overlap of the fur will hide mistakes really well. 

What you make in one color, you will also need in the color you want for the inlay, white for me in this case. Again keep in mind the direction the fur lays. 
Once you confirm the two pieces fit to your liking the sewing can start. As with all the hand sewing I have done on Relic I rely most always on Blanket Stitches. They are self tightening and do not take up much extra material.  With sewing finished you may have areas of the work that look like they “bunch up” a bit, it can’t really be helped but like I said before, the fur hides things very well and once in place its ok, this material does stretch some so really no issues. 

Totally happy with the finished product!
Although I am actually uncertain if I truly want to cut into Relic’s back and sew this in permanently. I will need to put some time into thought before committing to the task. I may utilize the system of magnets like I did to hold his tufts of hair on his head, it will require some experiments, but no irreversible changes needed for that. 

07 April 2017

Relic's First Photo In Print

In The Watertown Daily Times!  

Relic has made his first ever appearance in print in the local newspaper and I am totally psyched! He has been in the on-line edition before... but this time he actually made it to PRINT!  We had a wonderful time at the second annual CannonCon at Jefferson Community College April 1st & 2nd  and look forward to attending this local convention every year in hopes that it continues to grow. 

31 March 2017

Detailing Continues

The Small Things...

Are finally adding to the over all look of a more finished Relic. Figuring things like details for the eyes are making a visual difference that has been missing and are even a plus for vision and cooling as well.

I made a move to using a perforated plastic for the eye instead of the solid white foam. This will make vision much better and also aid in cooling air flow when my blower is in use as more air will be drawn in onto my face.

The black details I had worked out a couple weeks back have been positive, so I will keep on with them. They soften the look of his eyes a little. 

I am trying out a larger and more oval pupil that is not centered to add more focus to Relic's eyes. Not certain yet if I have the exact shape I want but I feel it is a move in the right direction.

It's hard to tell by photo's if this is a better look or not, I think input from others will be needed for me to decide if this is a positive move or not... but I think it is. The added airflow will most definitely be appreciated!

19 March 2017

The Eyes Have It !!!

Added more details to Relic's eyes to help soften the look and define them.  


14 March 2017

Neck is Finished!

Well, since school was cancelled for only the fear of a winter storm I was able to finish up on Relic's neck. It is a bit snug to get on over my head but I prefer it that way, the tighter the fit the less it will bunch up anywhere. Getting it sewn in was not as terrible as I had imagined but time consuming none-the-less. Big clumsy hands working in tight quarters with very small pieces of fabric to stitch together. This will also keep my collar visible when I wear it, before it would slip down into the neck line and disappear totally in the back. 

Now the collar will remain on top of the neck fur and be visible as it should be. This is another tweak finished that has been needed for almost a year and now I can move on to some of the other issues I would like to get finished before Anthrocon this summer. 

I was expecting this to take much longer to finish, it was not as terrible as I had figured but still a pain in the keester with my big clumsy hands in that tight area of the neck with needle and thread. 

13 March 2017

Oi ... My Neck!!!

Oi ...My Neck !!! I am finally getting around to making a proper neck for Relic. The front has turned out 100% the way I wanted it to. The back is OK, but not really laying down as well as I had hoped when I have it on. Getting the angles mapped out correctly for the pattern is a royal PITA !!! (and that ain’t the bread I’m talkin’ about). I will have to study this a little more yet to see if I can alter the fit to get it to lay down the back like I want it to.
Trying hard to not rush this as when I do that I usually mess something up. Not looking forward to sewing this on to the headpiece with my big clumsy hands but, I have managed with everything else... Perseverance has prevailed so far, lets see if my luck can hold out.  

05 March 2017

One Year Ago!

Relic was starting to take shape in a positive way... there was a lot of work done and much more to go.  It has been a true labor of love. 

Come to think of it... there is still a lot of work to be done.  Done but never finished! 

18 February 2017

Fixed Relic's Underbite

Well, I wouldn't say it was a severe under-bite but for an Anthropmorphic K-9 an over-bite is much more appealing in my opinion.

This is the only really comparable before shot I have. 

After the jaw alteration.

A much more believable profile after the removal of about 1 inch of the lower jaw.

I was uncertain of 
re-affixing the goatee...
but it won out again.

His tongue is more visible, and when I get his chompers the K-9's will be more visible as well.

12 February 2017

Fursuit Head Dryer

If anyone has looked at my postings on the construction of my Fursuit Head Dryer and would like build your own based on my work and/or would like to download a PDF of the process please drop me a comment and I can send you a download link or send it to you by other means if you like. 

Header Updated

I have been wanting to update my Blogs header photo for some time now, I wanted to get Trish Forstners Version of Relic onto the banner as well I finally took a little time to get it made up and updated. I still cannot thank Trish enough for her wonderful work on Relic.

11 February 2017

Fursuit Head Dryer Build (add-on 2) continued.

Well I was able to keep at it this morning and have finished this add-on. working with the remaining length of Aluminum Angle I opted for an angular approach for connecting the base of the Dryer. 
After a bit of deliberation on my design and several more times placing it on and taking it off the handles I came to the realization that I needed to "beef-up" the mechanism a bit so I placed the slide onto another piece of the angle and cut out for the handles, fastening them together with rivets (be sure to use aluminum rivets to avoid corrosion from by-metallic reaction). 

Nearing completion I used two 1/4 - 20 screws with lock nuts to fasten the dryers base to the angles. 

It now fits securely to the handle of the rolling suitcase without the use of any use of clamps or screws. It will provide a secure place for transport of Relic's head without fear of it falling off. Now that the frame is finished I will put the remainder of the dryer back in place and get a finished photo.