04 December 2016

Other Suits To Follow

Tani “Schnolf” is a friend that I been following for a long time. She

lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband Richard “Nightfox” She 

actually has multiple fursuits that you can see here:

Another friend I have been following for a few years now is “Silver

Deni” Denise lives in Romania and actually began making her 

fursuit just a few weeks after I started fabrication of Relic. She is 

not working on her suit at as fast a rate as I have been with Relic 

and has said she will not post much up about the work until sh is 

satisfied with the direction it is taking. So you won't see much 

from her other than her awesome artwork. As far as I know she is 

only on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, or on twitter @SilverDeni

TychoAussie Is one that I have more recently started to follow. His 

suit is one of the cutest that I have seen and his poses for photos are

great! His page on Patreon has his other links as well. He is one of 

the few that has been captured on Google Street view outside his 

hotel by the Google car as it was mapping the city streets of 

Pittsburgh during Anthrocon in 2015 !