06 September 2016

The Fursuit Pursuit Continues

At a rapid pace.

Well maybe not too rapid, but progress is being made fairly quickly. All seams are now finished using the machine, but there is still a lot of fitting to be done around the shoulders and I still have to mark and cut out the area that I will replace with white fur.  At this point I figure I will be running a zipper along the left seam of the Grey/White rather than placing it through the center of the White, I figure there is all ready a seam there anyway, why create another? I will be adding inside belt loops that will allow for my tail to be fastened solidly without fear of it ripping the material this seems to be a fairly prevalent way of supporting the tail and it makes perfect sense.  There is still collar work to do but again, until I get the shoulders fitted better that is on hold, and of course the length of the arms and legs will be the very last alteration as any adjustments I make until then could possibly affect them, best to leave them alone till last. Of course there is also an unknown amount of time that will have to be spent combing the fur out of the seams to make them disappear.