18 September 2016

The Hair Of The Dog, er ... Wolf That Bit You!

Now that the suit is more or less completed I am turning my attention to some of the small stuff that needs to be straightened out. Been working on Relic's hair tufts today.
Progress is being made, although I think I may need to place bendable wire into these tufts to make them stay where I want them. 
These tufts are made from the grey fur that I made his body suit out of and by doing this I feel I am creating a look that draws less attention to the fact that there are two different grey's in use. In all actuality this is how it should look. 
I am still uncertain about the back of his head, I had plans of replacing some of the previous grey fur with a wedge of the new down the back, but now I am not sure that is the look I want. 

I think I will leave it well alone for now, it is always something I can change at a later time if I see the need. I was also thinking about shortening up his bottom jaw a little more than I all ready have, but this too I have decided to leave alone for now. I am so undecided that it is best if I just leave it alone before I do something I regret. I am however going to add a few more whiskers of different lengths soon, and straighten the one that is bent. ;)