15 November 2016

The Right Tools

Damn! the time I could have saved over the past 10 months if I had simply spent the extra $40 on an actual set of Pet Clippers! I figured since I had a couple sets of regular hair trimmers I was good to go and they would get me through the shaving... well two sets of hair trimmers later I broke down and purchased  a  Wahl pet grooming trimmer set.

I am hapy to say that I am pleased with the results, they cut through the dense fur much better than the clippers designed for human hair... MUCH BETTER!

I went from the two inch pile of the raw white fur ...

...to a nice even 1/2 inch long pile in only MINUTES where it was taking me nearly an hour using the regular clippers!  Yet another lesson in choosing the right tool for the job at hand.

Lesson Learned.