14 November 2016

Foot-Paws Re-Deux

I am liking these paws much better than what I had originally made and will more than likely retire the first ones once these are finished and more than likely start on a third pair as well so I always have spares to fall back on.
The toes being much closer to my own will make walking much easier especially navigating stairs. I also came to the realization that since the white section of the fur will actually be directly at my leg it will aide in the appearance of being an actual paw and not long like a persons foot (I don't know if that sounds correct to everyone else?) I guess more like digitgrade rather than plantigrade.

I will be needing to find some white fur that is not so long, I would like to get a bag of  Furs together that are consistent for the use as Foot-Paws will always be something that will need to be remade / repaired.