16 November 2016

And Now We Wait

Oops!  Finished the first one of Relic's new Foot-Paws which has turned out very nicely.

I was finished getting the fur cut, sewn, and glued on in just a few hours yesterday.  

Much lighter weight and since the toes are set back onto the foot better they are also much safer (and easier) to walk around in and more importantly, navigate stairs better. 

... BUT... as I began working on the second one gluing the fur into place on the first toe, I realized as I reached for a claw to slip into place, that I had NO MORE CLAWS!  Just placed an order with Dream Vision Creations for 10 more claws, this will give me 6 spares once all is said and done.  So for the next few days I will move on to something else, no sense going any further until I have the claws to put in place as I glue everything down.