04 November 2016

Foot Paws Revisited

Although I was happy enough the way my first FootPaws turned out for Relic I have decided to make another pair that will be more of a "Sock" type and be mostly for indoor use or outdoor areas that are dry and relatively clean. 

I was lucky enough to find a 1/4 yard chunk of 3 inch Foam at my local Joann's for the sculpting. It has saved a lot of hot glue and I think the finished product will be much more rugged. This time I was aware of the fact that the Electric knife was the best tool for the bulk cutting, what a time saver. 

After only a few hours work with a good (sharp) pair of large shears I have nearly finished shaping the first of the Foot Paws.  The shape is looking very good so far but of course the real trick will be to get the second one to look equally good.

The two small lines left on the center toes are an indication of where my toes will actually be (nearly) when I have them on, these should be much easier to walk in without as much risk of trips. 

Shaping continues and soon I will be starting on the other one. Then of course I will have to work on getting the Fur cut and sewn for covering them, along with ordering some silicone pads for the bottoms.