11 November 2016

Looking Forward To Anthrocon

I am so excited about getting to Anthrocon 2017!  Relic has all ready pre-registered with the Convention and will soon be booking a room just outside of the downtown area to save more than half of the cost of a room near the Center. 
My Wife has said she is not interested in going, but I won't rule it out yet June is a long way off. I think she is having a hard time understanding why this interests me so much. I really can't explain it to her but in time if she is around it enough I think she may see that it is simply an artistic outlet and not so strange.  At this point I do have Dusk from the Black Rifurs riding with me on the trip down and back willing to split the cost of gas, so at least I will save some there as well.

To and from the hotel and Con is virtually just one street... a straight shot. 

Welcome Home! To Anthrocon!