15 February 2016

Copy Going Down

It seems like every time I finally find an On-Line backup / storage service I like that is actually free, it is only a matter of a year or two before it gets shut down. I was very happy with Copy

and its performance between all platforms I was using it on, but alas, it is falling into the same black hole as the rest of the sync services I have used in the past. 

I have now found a suitable replacement for the Copy service and it seems even a bit better. The free account gives you 50GB (yes 50GB) of storage, although the bandwidth on the free account is throttled back it is still effective for must uses and once the files are transferred and synced the bandwidth is not really much of an issue.

Enter into the Service of MEGA

It's clients for the multiple platforms are easy to install and navigate, syncing is totally automatic and it has end - to - end encryption based on your password. The better your password is the stronger the encryption is. They DO NOT store your password and it cannot be retrieved if forgotten so make sure you can remember it!