22 February 2016

Starting The Shaving Process

Have the fur for Relic's ears rough cut to size and have started trimming the fur to the correct length.
OMG! be sure to wear a Respirator/Dust mask, the fur is fine and gets everywhere.

It lightens it a little because some of the browns & Blacks are in the hair tips, but that is ok for the ears. The white inside the ears will remain untrimmed, at least for now.
I am using my regular hair clippers with the NO.4 brush attachment and it is giving me roughly a 1/2 inch fur length, about right for the ears.

Once I get the other ear trimmed down I will begin the process of gluing it on. The seams are not something I am looking forward to dealing with, I plan on cutting a couple test pieces from my material to experiment with the overlap technique (dark over light) to hide the seam better. If you shave off a 1/4 inch wide area all the way around the lighter fur you can overlap the darker to make a better looking finish.
I will post up more progress on Relic after I get the ears finished.