22 February 2016

HAHA! Relic Looks Reminiscent Of The Shaggy D.A.

Last piece of the grey fur has been rough cut and pinned for trimming to size and seam refinement. The section between the eyes needs to be shaved down yet and will get trimmed in width to accommodate white fur on either side around the eyes.

The art work of Relic was done much darker since he was created with reference to Steele, but as an actual character he is definitely looking more like the wolf I had envisioned with every piece I affix. The White fur will occupy all remaining real-estate on the foam save the back of the ears and nose.

I have three similar but different sets of eyes for him, all are green of course. The ones I just finished are for nighttime use or use around black-lights, they have a glow-in-the-dark finish on the black pupil so that it appears that the eyes are glowing like a dogs would in the dark as a light hits them. I'll talk more on them when I get to the point I put the eyes into place. 

I cannot stress enough that you should be wearing a respirator or at least a dust mask while cutting or trimming this fur, the fibers are so fine they float around and get everywhere.