26 February 2016

Relic Once Again De Furred

Only a temporary event. Need to shave the facial fur and that is easier done off the head, save for the detail trimming.

Using this opportunity to add in some mechanical features that I need to work out before I put the fur back on permanently.

The first mod is rigging the ears to move to give him more expressive looks as needed. Here is what I have been up to:

Relic is once again without his fur. It makes me feel almost cruel after having seen him with it on, even though he is far from finished.

I am now ready to begin on some “Mechanical” additions, the first of which will give me the ability to Curl his ears back (or down) to give him additional range in expression. To do this I have two lengths of 1/4inch OD vinyl tubing each length long enough to run from under the ears to the back of the middle of my hands down each arm leaving it a little longer so as not to bind anywhere during movement, for me at 6ft tall about 45 inches was good. Heavy upholstery thread or carpet thread and curved sewing needles.

Before placing the tube do some experimenting with just

pushing the ear around with your finger at different angles

toward the head, down and back are most likely the directions
you want it to go. Once you have a spot visualised as to where you want the ear to go mark and punch a small hole for placing the tube through. You can trim the tube later if needed, but for now leave it through a good 1/4 inch or a little more.

Seamstress I'm not but stitching aside, Tie the thread to the tubing about 1 inch from the end and using a heavy curved needle stitch around the tubing into the foam down to the neckline above your
shoulder and tie off the thread. This will hold the tubing in place well enough to accomplish the task, but I am adding hot glue along it as well if for nothing more than to keep the stitches tight. Repeat the entire procedure on the other side.

I am using 8lb test fishing line to do the work (experimenting right now) and seems to work ok. Threading the line through the tube is easiest if you can keep the tube as straight as you can, you may have to suck the line through as you push it in from the ear end. Once through leave it much longer than you need to, you can trim later. Using a needle put the thread through the ear and tie it off. Keep in mind at this point that you will have to do this a final time after you get the fur on ... so at this point it is all about setting it up for correct function.

Go ahead and gently pull on the line at the other end and watch for proper movement. If it reacts the way you want it to then you are finished with this end until you put the fur on. This side has passed my test so on to the other ear.

LOL He's an angry Relic. Tests out the way I had hoped they would.


All the way.

The next step will be to create the mechanism to retract and release the line.  Another post.