02 March 2016

Seam Center-line On Snout Was No-Go!

If you look at the before and after here it is very evident that I needed to correct that oversight.

You can make out a small section of the seam on this pic running down the center below the grey markings toward the nose. As with any mistake once you see it it becomes the center of attention, I had to rectify the oversight.  I carefully cut from the tip of each side of the grey straight out to the end of the snout about 2 1/2 inches wide and replaced it with another piece making two seams directly in front of the grey markings tips. They hide very nicely.

Yup, I'm happy with that result. More trimming has been done as well, and I am now in the realm of the correct facial fur length. Nice thing here is ... once I have it cut right I will never need to worry about it again. Fin.