25 March 2016

On To The Sewing Machine!

Have Relic's paw pads pinned in place and now I'm ready to attack the sewing machine. Once these are sewn on I can finish putting the handpaws together and set to work trimming them up. I'll need to buy a small wire brush (the ones I have are way to dirty) to pull the fur from the seams after I sew them up.

I also made a stand for Relic's head... it makes it much more easy to work on the fine tweaks I am now getting into by freeing up both hands. Should have done that weeks ago.  

I am also experimenting with a Goatee for Relic as well. This one (only pinned on right now) is white with the black tips. I will also be trying one on made from the grey fur as well, but I think that will be too much of a contrast ... will have to wait and see.

Still haven't got the nose finished... only the temporary one still pinned on his snout. These are a finished set of the new eyes, they turned out quite well. 

I have also done a little more trimming around his ears and eyes, at times it doesn't look like I have trimmed much but I really DO NOT WANT to go too far. Like I said before, I doubt I will ever call it finished. 

Gotta get that sniffer done!