11 February 2017

Fursuit Head Dryer Build (add-on 2) continued.

Well I was able to keep at it this morning and have finished this add-on. working with the remaining length of Aluminum Angle I opted for an angular approach for connecting the base of the Dryer. 
After a bit of deliberation on my design and several more times placing it on and taking it off the handles I came to the realization that I needed to "beef-up" the mechanism a bit so I placed the slide onto another piece of the angle and cut out for the handles, fastening them together with rivets (be sure to use aluminum rivets to avoid corrosion from by-metallic reaction). 

Nearing completion I used two 1/4 - 20 screws with lock nuts to fasten the dryers base to the angles. 

It now fits securely to the handle of the rolling suitcase without the use of any use of clamps or screws. It will provide a secure place for transport of Relic's head without fear of it falling off. Now that the frame is finished I will put the remainder of the dryer back in place and get a finished photo.