11 February 2017

Fursuit Head Dryer Build (add-on 2)

Attaching the device to the handle of a rolling suitcase.

I decided that I could use the dryer not only for the purpose I designed it for but also as a means of secure transport for the head as well when attached to the handle of my rolling suitcase. So I went to work designing a "tilt - and - slide - to - lock" design for the mount. 

Working first with cardboard from a cereal box to fine tune my design so that it functions the way I want it to before committing to cutting into a more costly piece of aluminum angle .

Testing the final design in cardboard proves the design is sound and worth the cuts into the more valuable aluminum.

A trip to Lowes for a 36" piece of 1" Aluminum angle that cost a little over $7 and I was ready to transfer my working design to the final material.

I was not certain of how to make the cuts, but I figured that a coping saw would probably work with a fine toothed blade as long as I move slowly with it. I was right, it worked just fine. Clamping the angle into a vice is a must to keep the angle from deforming after you cut down through the fist side. Take your time and don't force things or you will wind up bending the hell out of it.

Finishing the first side allowed me to fine tune the slot and make the bend to create the "Lock" feature. You will need a good machinists file to smooth out the edges and make fine adjustments to the device so it slides easily.

With both sides now cut out and the angle cut to the proper length final fitting can be done with the use of the file... I now have a working locking piece for the handle mount. The remaining angle will be used for the rest of the build which I will be working on over the next week.