08 February 2017

Fursuit Head Dryer Build (add-on 1)

Adding power options

After having the dryer project finished and in use for only 1 day I began to think ahead and prepare for trips to conventions and have come up with a few additions to the head dryer that will make the device more useful. The next couple posts will show you the improvements I am making to the device.

Power Options

When you travel by car there is not always a 110v outlet available for use and the time spent on the road could be put to use drying your head after use. So I decided to add the ability to use an Automotive adapter as well as the AC adapter. 

As I have been working on electronics of all kinds over the last 25 years finding the electrical pieces I needed was no farther than grabbing stuff I all ready had off shelf but all these pieces can be found at WalMart except for the power connectors which you may have to order off E-Bay or Amazon you can find 5 pairs for only $3 or so. 

Wal Mart carries both the other adapters  that you can pick up for under $20 Make sure that the tips are the size you need before you get started. Power ratings should be 12VDC output at 1A (1000mA) or more.

I decided to place my adapter socket above the bottom coupling so I can remove that without interference from the wiring, if I ever want to change the base that the dryer sits on. A 7/16 drill bit was just the right size to allow the socket to be firmly wedged into place and super glued. 

Now I can choose the adapter I need to power the dryer, and when not in use there is no cord and adapter dangling from the unit to get ripped off or busted up.