10 April 2016

The Rest Of The Costume

My attention is now starting to turn toward rounding up the other pieces of Relic's costume. As a Partial Fursuit he is nearing completion and I need to have the pieces to put together his final "look".  My vision for Relic as a Partial is of a Woodsman. A double-bit wielding Lumber-Jack, a bit ironic of course since he is a Timber-Wolf. 

Relic is most often seen in his work attire consisting of the typical red & black plaid shirt with sleeves rolled up,

rugged brown Bib-Overalls often with small tears where his fur shows through the holes.

He is a true "blue-collar" worker who, in yet another twist of irony, also wears an actual Blue Collar!  

Oh yes he does!  I ordered this 26- inch collar for him just this morning. ;P