07 April 2016

Plantigrade Foot One Finished

Yay! Just finished the first of Relic's Foot-paws!

I am pleased with the decision to make the toes White. Adding the Grey along the sides didn't really make a large difference but it is a distinguishing marking none-the-less.

I still need to pick up some material to use as a sole to protect the toe foam and hold things together more solidly. Until then I just can't wear them outside. 

I do have to admit that I guessed very accurately for the amount of Faux Fur (1 1/2 yards each) I would need to complete Relic as a Partial Suit I will not have much to spare Enough to make some repairs as and if needed along the way of learning the ropes so-to-speak.   Brush-Brush-Brush  ;)