09 April 2016

Foot-Paws Near Completion

All that is left is to affix the sole which will protect the foam toes and help hold everything firmly in place. For this task I will be using some fairly heavy leather. 

They have turned out far better than I had imagined they would. Still extremely pleased I chose the White fur for the toe area.  I am going to make one addition to them when I do the leather sole ... I will affix a length of 1-inch wide nylon strapping about 6 inches long to the back of the sneaker by riveting it to give a solid fixture to pull the sneaker on with so I don't inadvertently tug on the fur and pull it apart. It would have been easier to do this before gluing on the fur but I have only glued the fur around the bottom edge so I can still roll it back out of the way to do the work, then I can finish gluing the fur onto the canvas around the opening of the sneaker.