18 April 2016

Spring Cleaning


Since Relic has now taken up storage residence in the house I have been able to tackle some cleaning in the shop. Much more to do but at least I can get in and out without foam clingers and fur following me back out the door.  ;P

I think it's time to weed out all the scrap metal from the old PC's to make room for more up-to-date parts machines and adding another wire shelf may be on the books for this springs shop expenses as well. 

Getting more excited about our trip to Chicago the end of June. I haven't seen my friends out there since 1988 and look forward to a great time reconnecting with them even if it is for only a day (maybe two) it will be so worth the effort to drive out to Belvidere while we are in the Chicago area. We will actually be staying at a hotel very near where they lived in Schaumburg when I last saw them.