13 March 2017

Oi ... My Neck!!!

Oi ...My Neck !!! I am finally getting around to making a proper neck for Relic. The front has turned out 100% the way I wanted it to. The back is OK, but not really laying down as well as I had hoped when I have it on. Getting the angles mapped out correctly for the pattern is a royal PITA !!! (and that ain’t the bread I’m talkin’ about). I will have to study this a little more yet to see if I can alter the fit to get it to lay down the back like I want it to.
Trying hard to not rush this as when I do that I usually mess something up. Not looking forward to sewing this on to the headpiece with my big clumsy hands but, I have managed with everything else... Perseverance has prevailed so far, lets see if my luck can hold out.