31 March 2017

Detailing Continues

The Small Things...

Are finally adding to the over all look of a more finished Relic. Figuring things like details for the eyes are making a visual difference that has been missing and are even a plus for vision and cooling as well.

I made a move to using a perforated plastic for the eye instead of the solid white foam. This will make vision much better and also aid in cooling air flow when my blower is in use as more air will be drawn in onto my face.

The black details I had worked out a couple weeks back have been positive, so I will keep on with them. They soften the look of his eyes a little. 

I am trying out a larger and more oval pupil that is not centered to add more focus to Relic's eyes. Not certain yet if I have the exact shape I want but I feel it is a move in the right direction.

It's hard to tell by photo's if this is a better look or not, I think input from others will be needed for me to decide if this is a positive move or not... but I think it is. The added airflow will most definitely be appreciated!