14 March 2017

Neck is Finished!

Well, since school was cancelled for only the fear of a winter storm I was able to finish up on Relic's neck. It is a bit snug to get on over my head but I prefer it that way, the tighter the fit the less it will bunch up anywhere. Getting it sewn in was not as terrible as I had imagined but time consuming none-the-less. Big clumsy hands working in tight quarters with very small pieces of fabric to stitch together. This will also keep my collar visible when I wear it, before it would slip down into the neck line and disappear totally in the back. 

Now the collar will remain on top of the neck fur and be visible as it should be. This is another tweak finished that has been needed for almost a year and now I can move on to some of the other issues I would like to get finished before Anthrocon this summer. 

I was expecting this to take much longer to finish, it was not as terrible as I had figured but still a pain in the keester with my big clumsy hands in that tight area of the neck with needle and thread.