06 July 2017

Post Con Recovery

What a BLAST! 
I hated to give in to the fact that Anthrocon was all over when I woke up Monday morning and packed up for the trip home. the 4 days I was in Pittsburgh for my first Furry Con went by in a flash. I didn't get to take a lot of photos but managed to get some that I was intent on getting. 

The backdrop of downtown Pittsburgh from the fourth floor of the David L Lawrence Convention Center.

A shot with Tani DaReal was a must have!

A quick pose with our Chairman... 

Uncle Kage!

And almost unexpectedly an opportunity to talk to and get a pic with a guy I talk with on Twitter from time to time, a friend to all suiters with the bazooka blower,  Vlad The Fruit Bat!

I have an over abundance of video footage that will take me a long time to sort through and edit. I wore my small go-pro type camera two different days around the Convention center and racked up over 4GB of video, so lots of work to get done there before I can get any of that uploaded.