18 August 2016

Relic's GOT THE FUR!

Got a great deal!

Been super busy the last few weeks with the trip to Chicago and all, then sub driving in Franklin County. I finally found a good match for Relic to continue on with the making of his full fursuit! Joann-Fabrics had a 30% sale on all plush furs, along with a text coupon I had for 20% off my purchase the price was right at only $138.00.

 I bought 4 yards of the Grey/Brown and 2 yards of the White. Although the Grey/Brown is not an exact match with the original material I had it picks up on all the colors involved, so, it will work just fine. I have some tricks that will help meld it all together as well.

 There is going to be a whole lot of sewing to do once I get my pattern customized, I'm not really looking forward to that part
 but ... it will be awesome when its finished and I put it on
for the first time!
This will put Relic one step closer to Anthrocon next year!