15 June 2016


Patience does pay off.  I finally found the right item for Relic's whiskers! Turned out to be a $6 broom from Big Lots.  I had a chuckle when I found it as I saw it I kinda blurted out loudly "I found my whiskers!" The lady behind me looked at me as if I was loosing it... all I could do was grab the broom and start laughing. 
Using a very sharp wood chisel and mallet I broke several tufts of bristles free from their captive plastic. To aid in getting them into place I used an ink refilling syringe needle and pushed it through Relic's muzzle into his mouth then inserted the whisker through it. holding the inside of the bristle then pulling the needle out leaving the whisker in the foam, placing a small dot of hot glue on the inside of the bristle and pulling it into the foam and letting the glue set.  I would strongly recommend sharpening the needle with a file or grinding wheel to assist getting it though the material and foam... I will do this before doing any more whiskers.

It takes some trial and error to get the angles you want right, but I am totally pleased with the end result. Not sure if I will add more or not right now, but it is very simple to add more once you have the tools to do it.