17 January 2016

What Is Furry?

Anthrocon began as Albany Anthrocon in 1997, and since then has 

grown into the largest anthropomorphics conventions in the world 

with a membership in 2015 of over 6,300 attendees, with over 

$240,000 raised for various charities. All of the finer aspects of 

anthropomorphic, or more commonly, "Furry" fandom, are 

celebrated here. Our programming includes workshops and 

seminars in acting, costume-building, animation, writing, art and

 design, and more. We also host an extensive art show where the 

best in anthropomorphic artwork is offered for sale, and a fursuit 

parade with over 1,000 amazing costumers.

If you open each of these pictures in turn in a new tab they are completely readable.

Anthrocon 2016 Charity: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Anthrocon has selected the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium to be our beneficiary for 2016. The Pittsburgh Zoo strives to foster positive, lifelong connections between animals and people through exhibits, educational programs, and their many conservation projects.  Their goal is to make certain the Earth remains a suitable home for all life by fostering discovery of the interconnectedness of the natural world. They will be at the Charity Auction and will have a table in the Dealers' Room where you can meet them and peruse information about their organization.

More information about the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium can be found at their website, pittsburghzoo.org. If you have any questions regarding the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, they can be reached through their representative to us, Jaime Szoszorek, via jszoszorek@pittsburghzoo.org or by the Zoo's main line, 412-665-3640.