Relic HisStory

Relic's First Incarnation (circa 2003) … At this point I referred to

my Timber Wolf character as  Benjamin. I knew I wanted to refine

the character into something more but was uncertain of the style I 

wanted or the personality he would develop, so he remained like 

this for a number of years with the only change made being a 

move to Green Eyes.

For a number of years I battled with wanting to define and refine 

the character’s look. Although I do possess the abilities to draw 

well, I am not very fast with it usually falling into “years” to 

produce anything of  consequence, nor do I ever seem to like the 

finished work and in most all cases wind up destroying the work. I 

guess I am my own worst critic. At some point I stumbled across 

this character and found myself

looking in a new direction

wanting to make a move toward 

more of the look of a husky, but

as I will always retain the wild 

Timber-Wolf origin of Relic.

Relic's Final look came after my Husky Steele passed away in the 

Summer of 2010. I decided to try and immortalize his markings in 

my character. It took 6 months to get started and more than 

4 and a half years to finish this incarnation. At this point I decided 

on the name Relic B. Furry as I had often called Steele “my 


It was also at this time that I made a commitment that Relic's 

name would always appear in BLUE when ever possible.       

Relic B. Furry - The many meanings behind the name.

OK, Here we go!

Relic, as the first name, was chosen for its meaning of an object 

being left over from an earlier time. It was in sentimental reference 

to Steele, gave homage to the previous version of the character, 

and was also to make reference to my age in certain ways which 

become evident later on in this 

breakdown. Another input to the 

name was the     cranky,     yet     still  

predictable, and even lovable  character 

played by Robert Clothier  from  a TV 

show  I watched as  a child  so many  

years ago,  “The Beachcombers”. 

B. - Actually stands for Ben.  It is a relic from the previous version 

of the character when he was known as Benjamin. It is also a 

“play” on words that gives description to what Relic is … Relic IS 

a Furry. Relic Ben Furry or Relic B. Furry … get it?

Furry - Relic's last name and a relic from Steele. It is what HE is, a 

Furry. The whole character was created because of my interest in 

the Furry Fandom so I could be part of the Furry sub-culture. Relic 

is who I am in the Furry community, he is me, I am him.

When I made the connection that I was a Furry and stepped into 

the fandom with paws running, I was much older than most of the 

people associated with the fandom … Most ... not All.  This is that 

other reference of the name Relic I mentioned earlier, compared to 

many in the fandom I am a relic, left over from an earlier time.

So you see, the name and character hasn't just simply appeared, 

there was serious thought and devotion spent to bring him to life. 

Relic has a story and a background that has meaning, and from the 

eyes of his creator, a life all his own.

My vision of Relic has always been one of a Woodsman, a double-

bit wielding Lumber-Jack, in itself a bit ironic of course since he is 

a Timber-Wolf.   Most often seen in his work attire, the typical red 

and black plaid flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves, and a pair of

rugged light brown overalls often having small tears where tufts of 

his fur show through, a real “Blue-Collar” worker, who also in 

another twist of irony, actually wears a Blue Collar. 

Well, for crying out loud, it was never my intention to go any 

further than this with Relic as it was all I needed to be out in the 

wild in the Furry community. Fursuiting simply did not appeal to 

me in any way so I had never given any serious thought to it.

A co-worker, bus driver, and good friend Barry Verville gave me a 

push … well no, actually more like a kick in the ass! I had 

developed Relic into a character I was proud of and Barry knew it. 

He told me that I needed to finish the job. The ultimate completion 

of the character is to finally create a wearable work of art, and as 

far as the Furry community is concerned, he was absolutely right, 

the complete character is from creation and development, to 


Needless to say, I was now looking at rounding up all the supplies 

and tutorials I would need to actually bring Relic to the end game, 

the creation of a fursuit in his likeness.

The obvious place to start is the head... so with a couple yards of ½ 

inch thick foam, a hot-melt glue gun, and a good pair of shears in 

hand I began to sculpt. 

As of August 25th 2016 Relic's signature is now a registered 


September 22, 2016


His fursuit is now complete and I have been suited up fully for the 

very first time today! Nearly 8 months in the making.