My Transition To Fursuiting

Fursuiting... (as if simply trying to explain about being a “Furry” wasn't strange enough...) a persons desire to get into ones character most certainly seems a bit weird to most people. I was there myself only a short time ago. In December of 2015 fursuiting was not something that had even remotely crossed my mind, it was nothing that I had any desire to do or give thought of doing, although I have to admit that seeing these people decked out in full body characters had my attention.

elic B. FurryTM on the other hand, err paw... had been in development for over 13 years at that point, I had finally produced a workable fursona of him that could be released “into the wild”, so-to-speak, on the internet. I had been following the Fandom long enough (about 12 years or so) that I had read any number of others thoughts and fears about openly admitting they were part of the Furry sub-culture. Perhaps my age at this point had a bit to do with my comfort level in admitting what I was, established with enough grown-up senses to look at the whole thing objectively and not really care about what others might think. This was what I liked to toy around with as a hobby and no harm done, so in my eyes what ever someone else might “think”, was irrelevant and was to be ignored fully. 

Art work that was critical in my eyes was now finished, I had the look and the mannerisms of Relic worked out now, and would hit the digital realm of the internet to take him to places around the world. First meeting friends and personalities on line through services such as Instant Messengers (AOL, YAHOO, JABBER) then making a move onto the wonderful Twitter platform where I met many of the artists from around the world that I now talk to on a regular basis. Many of my new friends had fursuits, in fact most of them did, or were in the process of making their own. I would look on at their posts from conventions around the world like Eurofurrence, Furnal Equinox, Anthrocon, Midwest Fur Fest, and on and on... but never felt the desire to go any farther with my own work. 

The push I needed to continue on with the evolution of my work, came from a source that many others have seemed to try and avoid. I admitted openly at work that I was a “Furry” and damned the consequences. I began to show Relic and my work on him and the works of many of my friends to my co-workers. There was one statement made by a co-worker and good friend, one statement that would echo in the depths of my thoughts so loudly that the outcome was inevitable. 

Are you going to finish it? The very first thing that came to mind was the rest of Relic's body as the art work I had completed was only a bust of my character, that was NOT what Barry meant, and I knew what he meant. Those six words went deep... almost to a point of being hurtful in some sense. After about two weeks of that question festering, seeing it as a dare and not wanting it to get the best of me, I found myself at the local Joann's Fabric store buying a roll of 1/2” foam, a hot-melt glue gun and a good pair of shears. I sat down at the computer and began watching tutorial after tutorial that I found on the process, and began forming the base of Relic's head without a single thought of ever wearing it, seeing the process as only a move into the art-form of sculpture. 

Particulars of building the fursuit aside, the process moved along at a very steady pace although there were times I truly wanted to throw the entire mess out the window and never look at it again. My aim was to create a partial suit, head, hand-paws, foot-paws and tail. I would use regular clothing as the remainder of the “Costume” and with the completion of the partial began to take some interest in wearing it but only for the purpose of displaying my work for others. With the alteration of the clothing part of the costume finished and 5 months of work behind me, I was considering the project to be nearing completion. It's funny how a short and direct statement can push a person into something unplanned. 

Your half way there!  Say what? Well wasn't that just the button to push! Once again Barry's ability to use a short statement to make a big impact pushed me over the edge. When I heard this simple four word statement I made the decision that Relic was going all the way to a Full Fursuit. It was time to hone my patterning/geometry and sewing skills. I was now in it for the long haul... Thank you very much... BARRY!  Really he was absolutely correct, why stop halfway there? Finish it while you have the momentum going to see the process through to the end.

With an estimated cost of $500 to $700 in materials and an unknown number of hours... 

elic B. FurryTM as a Full Fursuit was born on September 22nd , 2016.  Joining the Black Rifurs in July of 2016 by December 4th, 2016 Relic has made two Public appearances with hopes of making many more in the future and has every intention of making the Furry Pilgrimage to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh at the end of June 2017. 

The Lumber-Jack Timber-Wolf character 

elic B. FurryTM is the artistic and intellectual property of his artist and creator. Please do not disrespect the artists rights to his work, to do so can be punishable by law.